Welcome to -- the official URL Shortening and Social Bookmarking site for Fordham University. It is modeled after Bitly (, the biggest and most popular URL Shortening and Social Bookmarking service.

Fordham IT has set up this service to prevent the risks associated with our users blindly clicking on unknown URLs. If you see a URL like, you can trust that it was created by a University faculty member or administrator and that it is valid.

Each website has its own unique URL address, so it's not to be confused with any other website. Our web presence has over 16,000 pages and this can lead to very long URLs. If you are trying to share that link, the address of the website that you are sharing sometimes takes up most of that line of text. That is inconvenient, unwieldy, and not easy to use.

With that in mind, Fordham IT has created a URL shortening and bookmarking service for faculty and staff. Simply login and enter or paste a long URL into the form and it will automatically condense and customize the information into a much smaller, much more manageable URL. »